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A Social Media Marketing Company That Delivers Results

facebook, Instagram & Twitter Marketing is also known as Social Media Marketing or (SMM). Social media marketing has become crucial in business today. Every serious organization that wants to get their name, product or service known needs to get on social media and reach out to people. Three of the most important social media platforms today are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Instagram alone, over 80% of the approximate 1 billion users follow at least one business. Social media services are necessary for companies trying to raise brand awareness.


At Pilates, we know just how valuable these sites can be. We consistently create successful, creative social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our customers have always been pleased with our service because they quickly realize how cost-effective our efforts are on these social network sites. The ROI on social media marketing appears in many categories across the board: from increasing customer base, improving brand awareness, brand trust, customer engagement, and more.


Reputation on social media can make or break a business and you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. While over half of global digital marketers agree that social media is the most difficult form of digital marketing to execute, over 60% strongly agree that it is important for business. With our social media marketing services, you can rest assured that your business will stand apart from the rest and make a name for itself online.


How we approach social media marketing

Our social media marketing services are not about simply managing social media profiles. With Pilates, you will get a set of features, methodologies, techniques, and technology that we incorporate into our services. Every company gets a unique campaign carefully tailored towards their profile, budget and their respective target audience.


The first step we make is to sit down with our new client and talk about the desired strategy, no matter which social networking platform they want us to focus on. The client is fully in charge of the direction we take with the social media campaign. We listen to our clients and want to learn about their business as best we can in order to understand their needs and their target audience.


Together we will create a roadmap for the social media campaign, from size and scope to content creation, and set a time period in which the campaign will start to give the desired results. We are partners with our clients. We listen to their ideas. We offer them guidance. We help them succeed with the help of our experienced social media marketing experts.


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