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Facebook & Twitter Marketing is also known as Social Media Marketing or (SMM)

Social media marketing has become crucial in business today. Every serious organization that wants to get their name, products or services known need to get on social media and reach out to people. Two of the most important social media platforms today are Facebook and Twitter.

At Pilates, we know just how valuable these sites can be. Time after time we were able to create viral social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. Our customers have always been pleased with our service because they quickly realize how cost-effective our efforts are on these social network sites.

Reputation on social media can make or break a business and you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. With our social media marketing services, you can rest assured that your business will fare well against the competition and make a name for itself online.

How we approach social media marketing

Our social media marketing services are not about simply managing social media profiles. With Pilates, you will get a set of features, methodologies, techniques, and technology that we incorporate into our services. Every company gets a unique campaign carefully tailored towards their profile, budget and their respective target audience.

The first step we make is to sit down with our new client and talk about the required strategy, no matter which social networking platform they want us to focus on. We listen to our clients and want to learn about their business as best we can in order to understand their needs and their target audience.

Together we will create a roadmap for the social media campaign and set a time period in which the campaign will start to give the desired results. We are partners with our clients and this means that we will listen to your ideas and offer you guidance through our marketing experts that have a lot of experience.

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What we bring to the table

Our social media marketing services are successful because we rely on 3 proven pillars through which our efforts bring results:

  1. High-quality content

Our social media campaigns revolve around quality and not quantity. There is a lot of content on social media today and it’s no longer a matter of just doing it, but doing it right. Everyone can randomly post things on social media and we firmly believe that these kinds of “strategies” don’t bring real results.

Our knowledge and experience have shown us that all social networks have their own nature, theme, and different ways audiences behave and accept what they see. For example, engaging people on Twitter and running a proper business page on Facebook are very different things and require adequate approaches.

We make sure that the content we share and promote on social media is valuable to audiences without looking like spam. All of your tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, comments, and communication will bring something valuable to your target audience, while at the same time making sure that all of your actions reflect your brand.

  1. Reliable network

One of the crucial elements of a social media campaign that brings results is a reliable network that has a wide range and can reach vast audiences on social media. We create campaigns that include many different inter-related activities.

Simply put, we will create a mix of different activities within a campaign that has the ability to resonate with your audience and bring them all where you want them to be. First of all, we can use a certain social network and, through it, create a network for your blog and your whole website.

On the other hand, your website will also be a connection to your social media profiles, so that people can check you out everywhere and stay connected with your brand in the way they prefer. All of our content and activities will give users the option to get in touch with your brand even further and create a better connection.

  1. Active social media management

Being active on social media on a regular basis means being relevant. With active posting on social media and crafty presentation, we are able to boost content on your website and drive valuable traffic to your main hub. By reaching out to your real target audience and actively sharing content that is networked, you will see real results.

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Get real help now on Social Media Marketing,
call us at 1-833-GET-SEO1 or via email

Our experience has taught us various methods for engaging people on social media and making them interact with the things we share. With constant sharing, commenting, re-posting, voting, and relevance on social platforms, we can make people talk about your brand, products or services and get that buzz you need.

Facebook marketing activities

  • Determining the target audience for your business, products, and services.
  • Driving traffic to your social media profiles and websites by providing unique and valuable content to your target audience.
  • Showcasing your brand’s voice through posts, communication, and campaigns.
  • Creating Facebook ads for driving meaningful traffic, increasing engagement, and getting a meaningful base of followers.
  • Reputation management of your brand, creating a positive image of your business and dealing with negative feedback.
  • Engaging your target audience through constant activity.
  • Creating regular ROI reports on our activities and the results they bring.

Twitter marketing activities

  • Regular tweets.
  • Employing automated tweets if needed.
  • Talking to people on Twitter and listening to their problems, suggestions, complaints, and giving them a proper response using your brand’s voice.
  • Creating a reliable keyword campaign and utilizing it.
  • Finding potential influencers, building relationships and managing them.
  • Building relationships with your target audience, celebrities, and individuals.
  • Creating meaningful Twitter hashtag campaigns, performing hashtag research and using them on a regular basis.
  • Creating Twitter ads and making the most out of your budget.
  • Creating pay-per-click campaigns on Twitter to amplify your reach.
  • Creating a meaningful base of followers on Twitter.


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