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SEO is very valuable for Pilates Studio’s, as they can rank higher and reach more potential customers that might need their services. Technology has become essential in modern business and this is why using digital marketing techniques is important for achieving success. Pilates Studio SEO will rank your website higher in search resulting in more organic visitors to your website.

Not all businesses need the same SEO strategies, even though at their core they are pretty similar. You need specialized SEO providers that understand your niche and the business you do. A company with experience in this niche will be able to rank you better for a shorter period of time.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization or shortly SEO is a digital marketing technique which allows business websites to rise in search results. This way, those websites get more visibility and with that, more potential customers.

FACT: 62.2% of Google searches were organic. Meaning Not paid results.

There are many “artificial” ways a website could drive traffic, but SEO is the best way simply because it attracts organic traffic, meaning that the people coming to your website will genuinely have interest in what you have to offer. There is no point in driving a lot of traffic if there is only a small percentage of people who might find what they need.

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The way the web works is that Google decides which sites will have more visibility. This is not done randomly, but relying on a set of strict rules and practices that improve a website’s quality in Google’s eyes. Google is looking to promote good websites and people who know how to give Google what it wants are SEO experts.

How Pilates Studio SEO helps you?

Apart from ensuring higher rankings, SEO can also improve a business website in many other ways. First of all, modern SEO is connected to user experience, at least when talking about websites. Quality experience means improving your site overall and making sure that customers feel better while visiting.

A big part of SEO is content. Content is one of the most important aspects of a website as well. All of your blog posts need to follow certain technical SEO standards, as well as provide a good user experience to readers. This means that you need to offer them relevant information written properly and engage readers.

Through constant blog posting and sharing subjects on social media, your business will establish itself as a trusted professional company that people can rely on. Beside the fact that you can rank your homepage and service pages to attract customers, you can also drive people to your services through blog posts where you offer advice and useful information.

Pilates Studio SEO is long-term

Compared to other types of marketing that offer similar results, SEO takes a long time to start working. After you’ve created an SEO strategy, your campaign will last for a long time, and you’ll need to invest a lot of effort into it.

Your website cannot be ranked at the number one spot overnight. No matter how good your strategy might be, its simply impossible. The whole thing is designed to force businesses to constantly do good things and pay attention to their website in order to get ahead and get better rankings.

Still, when you’ve reached a certain point with SEO, you will get certain benefits that will allow you to drive your business forward. Apart from having to work on SEO for a certain period of time, it also takes time for the results of your work to disappear, even if you completely stop working on SEO.

In other words, the results achieved with SEO are more solid and you can rely on them for a long time. Once your site is ranked highly for the proper keywords and is gaining valuable traffic, you will be able to utilize these benefits for quite a long time. With a PPC campaign, however, you will pay a lot of money to drive traffic, but once you stop doing it, you will be left with nothing.

Pilates Studio SEO ROI

One of the most important and common questions people like to ask about online marketing techniques is: “How much is the return on investment?” Simply put, people are reluctant to invest in something they don’t know much about. You might think that SEO ROI is small because it’s a long-term process, but the reality is that it has the best ROI of all marketing techniques.

A capable SEO agency will have proper analytics tools that can help them measure the important results of their SEO campaigns, and just like with Pilates Studio’s, they will deliver monthly reports with important numbers showing how well your campaign is performing. Here are some of the most important metrics that show your ROI.

Website traffic

The first most important metric that can show how well your SEO is performing is the rise of organic traffic. SEO companies can use their tools to see how much traffic is pouring into your website through the keywords that you are using to optimize your website.

You should pay attention to both the keywords that include your brand’s name and those that don’t. Make a distinction between these two and separate your traffic between them. The keywords that don’t include your brand name can truthfully tell you how your campaign is performing, as people that search this way don’t know your business yet.

Number of inbound links

Links are very important for Google, and websites that have a lot of other sites linking to them are considered to have high authority. This is why they get ranked higher. If you constantly notice that the number of inbound links leading to your site is increasing, and you are not directly investing in someone linking to you, then this means that your SEO efforts are paying off and that your site is becoming more visible.

Percentage of quality traffic

Although getting more traffic is important, it’s more important that you get high-quality traffic. SEO experts that do their work properly will try to rank a website for those search terms that show real intent with users. This is why they will measure how many of the people that have landed on a site has made an action, subscribed, gotten a certain service or spent time reading content.

Local SEO marketing for Pilates Studio’s companies

Local SEO is similar to regular SEO, but it works within the limits of a certain area. Believe it or not, there are many people looking for businesses and services in their areas and Pilates Studio’s companies fit perfectly in this category. Simply put, customers want their accountants to be near them and discuss issues in person.

Local SEO offers much better targeting

When searching on a local level, people are looking to find a specific type of business near them. Another group of searches is reserved for people looking for products or services nearby. Finally, there are people who know the name of a certain business, but there are also those that don’t have an idea about which business is right for them, or what services they actually need.

Local SEO techniques help you to rank better for searches that include a certain type of business by combining industry-specific keywords and the location. For the second group of searches, you will rank with services that you have to offer and for the third one, by combing the first two keywords.

Using Google my Business

“Google My Business” is a local business listing which is free and all types of organizations can list in it. If a business is listed here, it will improve its chances of being ranked better in local searches. The fact that most people use Chrome as their search engine makes this a smart business move.

A lot of people search locally

You might be surprised, but a lot of searches online are local. In fact, around 45% searches on Chrome are local. This shows how much potential there is in local SEO. Additionally, when a user is doing local searches, local businesses will be favored. This means that even if there is another business ranked with similar keywords, your results will be favored as you are located nearby.

All-around Pilates Studio’s SEO services

With our Pilates Studio’s SEO services, you get a full-blown package where all important elements of SEO optimization are taken care of and much more. You do the Pilates Studio’s and leave the ranking to us. At the end of each month, we will deliver comprehensive reports on your website’s performance and discuss future steps for making your website even more visible.

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Pilates Studio’s SEO on-site

The part of the work we will do for you includes actions directly on your site.

Complete website analytics

The first thing we will do is analyze your website’s SEO and see where it’s lacking.


All of your page titles need to have tags. These tags appear as clickable links and they need to include proper keywords to make them more searchable. All pages need H1 and H2 tags, with the right keywords in them.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are 50 to 150 characters long texts, which people can see under URLs and title tags when they search for something. They also need to include links and be written well, so that they encourage readers to click on links and see more of what it’s about.

Copy optimization

All text copies, including pages, blogs, and FAQ pages need to be optimized. This includes quality outbound links, images with proper tags, headings, subheadings, bullets, numbering, good writing and proper structure.
Pilates Studio’s SEO services off-site apart from optimizing technical SEO aspects of your site, it’s also important that you make efforts off-site to boost it even further.

Outbound links

Linking your pages and articles to a high authority website can not only boost your rankings but also drive valuable traffic that can improve your revenue.

Social media efforts

Social media is closely tied to SEO. Since we have expertise in both social media marketing and Pilates Studio’s SEO, we can do a quality follow up on social networks that can give your SEO campaign that necessary “boost”. This includes engaging users to interact with your content, sharing it, getting it promoted on social networks and so on.

Guest blogging

One of the best ways to network your website even further is to write guest posts. This way you will promote some other business on your blog or an expert, and they can return the favor.

Reaching out to influencers

Our experience in account SEO has helped us network with many influencers online. Through them, you can promote your business more quickly and get off to a good start by relying on their authority and reputation.