Pilates has a simple & easy money-back guarantee.

Regular (National) SEO –  is very competitive and requires more work than Local SEO. Usually, Regular SEO consists of ranking for keywords without a geographic indicator. In cases where the keyword is highly competitive, our guarantee changes to 120 days. Example “House paint”, “car dealer”, “attorney”. These highly competitive broad keywords are not guaranteed. money-back-guarantee

Local SEO – We will have page 1 rankings in Google within 90 days or you get a full refund. There are special circumstances where this will not apply. Example = New York Attorney where the term is too competitive and the time to achieve success ranges from 120 days to 200 days of active work.  All keywords are agreed to at the start of work after intake document is received back.

Disclaimer – Once we achieve page 1 rankings for any keyword the option for money-back is voided as we achieved the initial success of this guarantee. The longer you stay with us the greater the results will be.

Note: This is not a guarantee that we will get you to page 1, this is a money back guarantee which means that if for some reason we do not get you there then you will get a refund.

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