Local SEO Pricing

We are so confident of our local SEO pricing and that we can place your site on the 1st page that we guarantee it. How can we do this? Our focus at Pilates SEO is maximizing your core. While doing so, we have proven our concepts time and time again that long tail keywords (3-4 words) have more conversions than 1-2 words, with less competition. Our Local SEO guarantee is simple. “We guarantee page 1 rankings for keywords with fewer than 1000 searches per month.” Or after our contract period of 6 months, we will work at no charge ( for a maximum of 2 months) to achieve this goal or your money back!

If your targeted keywords have more than 1000 searches per month, call us for special pricing.



/ month

$ 0 Setup + First Month

300 Directory Listing Submission


24/7/365 Digital Dashboard

Monthly Reporting



/ month


$1000 Setup + First Month

5 Primary Keywords
20 Secondary 

1 Location

Minimum of 5 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee

SEO Analysis

Keyword & Marketing Research

Monthly Reporting

24/7/365 Digital Dashboard




/ month


$1550 Setup + First Month

10 Primary Keywords
40 Secondary

Web Form Conversion Tracking

Minimum of 10 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee

Phone Tracking

100 Directory Listing Submission

+ All Starter Features

24/7/365 Digital Dashboard



/ month

$3295 Setup + First Month

20 Primary Keywords
80 Secondary

up to 15 Locaitons

Minimum of 20 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee

Heat Map & Scroll Map

12 Guest Posts + 15 Content Writing 

300 Directory Listing Submission

+ All Professional features

24/7/365 Digital Dashboard



SEO Deliverables

Primary Keywords – These are the top most keywords selected after mutual consent with the client which are relevant to the website services/products being offered.

Secondary Keywords – These are the most relevant keywords revolving around the primary keywords. We will add these keywords from our end after doing the research
and does not necessarily involve client consent.

Usability & Conversion Optimization – We will generate a report featuring the most important usability & conversion optimization factors. Includes suggestions to make the
site more usable and conversion friendly thus increasing your business’ online leads.

HeatMap – We will generate a Heatmap of your home page displaying which parts of your page users visit and click frequently. You get to know what’s hot and what’s not,
so you can make changes accordingly to increase conversions.

ScrollMap – The Scrollmap shows how far down the page people are scrolling and helps determine where visitors abandon the page. Now you’ll know exactly where to add
elements to hold a visitor’s interest longer.

Overlay Report – With the overlay report, you will be able to see the number of clicks on each element of your web page.

Confetti – With confetti, you will be able to distinguish all the clicks you get on your site segmented by referral sources, search terms & more.

User Testing Video – A user testing video with voice over talking about the errors/difficulties encountered while browsing your website from a layman’s perspective.

Magazine / News Placement – We will post a magazine/client interview based on the information provided by you.

Q&A Posting – We will post Q&A’s relevant to your business on high authority sites.

Local Community Setup – We will create a profile on local community networks and share guest posts, videos and other information to attract users.

Social Community Setup – We will create a community profile on important/relevant social networks and share guest posts, videos and other information to attract users.

Review Widget – We will be adding a widget on your website pages which will help you build positive customer reviews.

Pinterest Account Creation – We will create an account on Pinterest for your business also called as Pinterest Business Account

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